PDA - A Profile of Autism
This blog is by the Mother of an Autistic boy who has Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). She describes the family's experience of negotiating the health and education systems, as well as day to day life living with this lesser known profile of Autism.
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One mum's blog about raising a little girl with Autism PDA/demand avoidance and parental mental health
Our Neurodivergent LifeOur Neurodivergent Life
A Neurodivergent adult and 
former teacher, raising two 
Neurodivergent children, I want 
to celebrate and educate about 
Neurodiversity, whilst 
acknowledging its challenges. 

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Peace with PDA
Lindsay shares a simply fingertip tapping technique known as EFT with parents and carers of children and young people with PDA to reduce stress and anxiety. Her gentle and self loving approach to PDA allows the parent to feel at peace with themselves so they may gain the strength and compassion that goes hand in hand with PDA.
Have You Heard About PDA (in Serbian)Have You Heard About PDA? An excellent, and very unusual blog in the Serbian language, and very much recommended
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Notes on PDANotes on PDA
We're a family of three from the United Kingdom. Our 7-year-old daughter (Little Miss M) has Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). Through this blog we will share our journey through life with PDA from our daughter's perspective and our perspective as parents.
Almost normal - Almost normal
Excellent blog about PDA
Dinky and MeDinky and Me
Dinky is this mum's little girl, and the blog is about their life and journey
This is the blog of a teenager living with a brother who has PDA (undiagnosed), and Asperger's traits. Generalfish
 This is the blog of a teenager living with a brother who has PDA (undiagnosed), and Asperger's traits.
Special Needs JungleSpecial Needs Jungle
News, information and informed opinion about Special Educational Needs, Disability & Health Issues from 0 - 25 yrs - (by parents, for parents)
Autism AmazonAutism Amazon
The reality of one parent's dealing with an extreme behaviour autistic kid.